Preparing to Lead in Crisis Navigating Real-World Change and Complexity

Program Details

Offered biannually

Fall Session: October 8-24, 2024

Spring Session: 2025 TBA

Duration 6 sessions Class Commitment Tuesday & Thursday 1-3 PM ET Format Online
Location Virtual via Zoom platform Cost $1,995
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Program Summary

This online training program delivers a concise and pragmatic framework for effective leadership during crisis and change. You will learn to build your presence as a leader, gain deep insight into the situations  you face, and forge robust personal and institutional connectivity. You will leave the program better prepared to successfully confront complex challenges, make critical decisions, and navigate uncertainty.

This foundational program includes six, two-hour sessions over three weeks, featuring practical concepts, tools, techniques, and interactive exercises. You will earn a certificate of completion from NPLI at Harvard.

You can enroll in Preparing to Lead in Crisis as a rewarding stand-alone program or as precursor to Leading When it Matters Most, our residential program.

Who Should Apply

  • You are a professional on a leadership career track
  • You have five or more years professional experience
  • Lead a team of five or more people
  • Work in the private, public, or non-profit sector

Top Industries Represented

  • Aviation
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Government Administration
  • Healthcare
  • Military
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Retail
  • Technology

You Will Learn

  • To advance your ability to lead immediately using the powerful, pragmatic Meta-leadership framework, tools, and techniques.
  • To forge enduring, productive stakeholder relationships.
  • How to act intentionally when facing high stakes challenges, inspiring confidence in your team.
  • To improve decision discipline and quality.
  • To confidently and effectively lead up to the superiors, down to subordinates, and across to peers and collaborators.
  • Understand your own reactions and those of followers during crisis and change.
200+ Participants have earned a certificate
7 Online programs delivered to-date

Requirements & Syllabus

Five or more years of professional experience and proficiency in written and spoken English. Our program design strongly encourages discussion and experience sharing among participants.

Session 1: Introduction to Meta-Leadership Framework

  • Program goals
  • Navigating complexity and change
  • Meta-Leadership principles, thinking and practices

Session 2: Building “You” as the Meta-Leader

  • Techniques and tools to develop a growth mindset
  • Leadership brain function
  • Identifying and manage biases
  • The trap of the basement
  • Strengthening capacity to apply your moral compass

Session 3: The Situation

  • Understanding what is happening and deciding what to do
  • Driving to the knowns and identifying obstacles
  • Developing capacity to create a situation connectivity map

Session 4: Connectivity

  • The power and importance of connectivity
  • Leading up-down-across-and beyond
  • Developing the capability to create the conditions in your organization or community of practice that offer the best chance for Swarm Leadership to emerge

Session 5: Making Critical Decisions

  • Understand the basics of decision roles, models, and processes
  • Delve into the factors that improve or degrade decision quality
  • Improve your ability to make high-stakes, high-pressure situations

Session 6: In-Depth Scenario-Based Exercise

  • Review and reinforce key concepts and tools
  • Apply the learning in a hands-on setting

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Faculty For This Program

Faculty bring a combination of academic research and teaching as well as remarkable field practice spanning decades of experience to bring you an unparalleled learning environment.
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National Preparedness Leadership Initiative
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