Brian R. Spisak, PhD

Research Associate School/organization Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Dr. Spisak is a Research Associate for the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative researching the biological and cultural evolution of leadership as well as the emerging topic of machine learning and leadership. He applies his work to issues relevant in business and society, including innovation, sustainability, and the alignment of operational behavior with strategic goals.

Brian guides leaders on their digital journey using “Computational Leadership Science” (CLS) – a concept he developed connecting trailblazing science and technology, well-established leadership research, and invaluable knowledge gleaned from practice.

With CLS, leaders can better anticipate, address, mitigate, and even benefit from the tidal waves of disruption organizations are going to experience in the months and years ahead. CLS will strengthen interpersonal relationships and morale in the era of remote working, increase DEI by separating a leader’s biased wants from their actual needs in hiring and promotion, mitigate fragile, “just in time” supply chains, and help corner the market on complexity with the power of quantum computing – the so-called “quantum advantage.” CLS will also help leaders connect and coordinate “collective intelligence” from around the world to tackle society’s biggest challenges.

Dr. Spisak’s primary passion is helping leaders create opportunities. As a science advisor for the United States Office of Naval Research and NATO, he explored methods for reducing intergroup conflict, and is presently working with several organizations to increase their resiliency, innovative output, and sustainability in the “new normal.” As a co-founder of HSC Analytics and a Research Associate at National Preparedness Leadership Initiative, he is also exploring (tech-driven) methods for increasing the pace and power of collective problem-solving.

His research is published in top academic journals such as Academy of Management Review, Psychological Science, and The Leadership Quarterly. In addition, my contributions are featured in popular outlets such as Harvard Business Review, New Scientist, TIME, and The Washington Post.

Dr. Spisak is originally from the USA and has since lived in the UK, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.